• Is this free?

    Yes, registration is 100% Free for all. We offer only premium accounts which allows for greater flexibility with uploading, downloading and data storage. You can purchase a premium account to increase storage up and store your files forever.

  • Do I need to register?

    Registration is free but if you want to benefit from features that enable you to download, upload monitor and edit files you should buy premium account. Therefore, we recommend that all our users register.

  • Do I need to provide my email address?

    You would automatically receive a confirmation register and new account password will be sent to your email address. We hate spam and will never allow third parties access to your email address.

  • Why cant I receive any emails from Filesharex?

    Some free email services filter out our emails. Check your spam folder.

  • What is Premium account?

    Premium account is our premium service to enable your files to be distributed in the easiest, most cost-effective way. All Premium files are made available with guaranteed delivery at maximum available speed. A Premium account user has benefits and access to features without limits. See our Premium plans page.

  • How many times can I use Filesharex?

    You can use Filesharex as many times as you want. In fact, we hope you will recommend us to your friends too. Premium account users are not capped with a daily limit.

  • Will my files be removed?

    Free accounts files are kept for limited days. Premium accounts files are kept for unlimited days.

  • Why did my file deleted ?

    Any file that violates any law or our terms of use will be deleted immediately. Also your file may expire after 30 days if you are a free user and not extended your account.

  • How long does a file remain available?

    We do not delete active files. Fo premium account we will host the file for an unlimited time, until it becomes inactive.

  • Can I search Firesharex for files?

    No. The uploader determines who has access to their files. For copyright and privacy reasons we cannot provide links or a search facility.

  • The file is password protected - How can I get the password?

    If an uploader has chosen to add a security password to protect their files you will need to enter the password before downloading. If you do not know the password you must contact the uploader. DO NOT contact Filesharex asking for password information. This is a security feature and we are unable to provide passwords to anyone.

  • How many file can i upload?

    You can upload as many files as you want, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and the maximum file upload size.

  • Can I upload a folder from my computer?

    Web browsers do not allow you to select a folder for upload. However, you can select or drag in several files for uploading in sequence. Another way is to create a single archive, such as a zip/rar file, of the contents of your folder before uploading. This process takes only a few seconds, and the compressed archive is often smaller in size than the original files making upload faster.

  • Which file types am i allowed tu upload?

    You may upload any types of files.

  • Are there any restrictions to the size of my uploaded files?

    Each file you upload must be less than 1 GB in size for premium accounts. If it is greater than that amount, your file will be rejected.

  • There are some files on our servers which may have been subject to copyright protection, how can i notify you of them?

    Via our report abuse pages.

  • Why is my upload speed limit so slow?

    We allow uploads without speed restrictions. This is because broadband providers set a much lower rate for upload speeds than download speeds. This will depend on your broadband connection and is in no way related to Filesharex or our servers.

  • How do I share ?

    It is really easy to share your files. After you complete an upload, a download link will be generated. You can share this link with anyone and when they visit this link they will see a download button and get your files easily.

  • Can I link directly to my file?

    Yes. Your download file link normally opens a download page.

  • I lost my file deletion link, what should I do?

    Registered and logged in users can delete files in their account. We cannot establish that you are the uploader of the file if you were not registered, logged in, and no longer have the delete link. Therefore, the file will be deleted automatically after 30 days if you not extend your account. You do not need to do anything further.

  • Who is able to delete the file?

    The file can only be deleted by the account holder and Filesharex. After you have uploaded a file you will be given a special link to delete the file. Registered users can edit details and delete their files in their My Files page. Recipients of your files are unable to delete (unless provided with the delete link) or edit them.

  • Can I add a password to protect my files?

    Yes. Premium account members have the option of adding a password to protect their files. This option is not available to free users, but file archives can still be password protected in the usual way, using archiving programs such as WinZip.

  • How do I join split files?

    If the file was split with a archiving utility program, open the file with the .zip extension. Please make sure all the parts are in the same location or folder. Dont try to open any of the files with the numbered extensions; your zip utility program usually wont recognize them as Zip files. please refer to the help files of the corresponding utility program if you are unsure how to proceed. We are not able to offer further technical advice.

  • Can I split my file?

    Yes you can do this. This feature may make it easier to upload and download extra-large files. Some users experience difficulties uploading and downloading extra-large files so splitting can be very useful.

  • How do I split my files?

    We recommend you use an archiving utility program, such as WinZip, 7-zip or WinRAR. If you are using a different program, refer to its help files if you are unsure how to proceed.

  • What is the file size limit?

    Premium account the limit is to 1GB.

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of file I upload?

    We only prevent uploading of files with extensions that computer viruses commonly use. You can upload any type of file otherwise. We do not restrict use to images or movies or music etc. As long as the file size is less than the file size limit and complies with our terms of use, you can transfer it.

  • Are there any restrictions on the content of my files?

    Yes. You must agree to our Terms of Service before uploading a file. Filesharex may be used only for lawful purposes. Transmission, distribution or storage of any material in violation of any applicable law or regulation, including export control laws, is prohibited. Material protected by patent, copyright, trademark, service mark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights. If you use another partys material, you must obtain prior authorization. By using the Services, you represent and warrant that you are the author and copyright owner or proper licensee with respect to any hosted content and you further represent and warrant that no content violates the trademark or rights of any third party. Filesharex will cooperate fully with any criminal investigation into a userss violation of any act of law concerning child pornography. Filesharex may involve and cooperate with law enforcement if a criminal violation is suspected. This may result in disclosing all information available to Filesharex including but not limited to information contained in users profiles, folders, transmissions, communications, passwords, or any other information Filesharex considers applicable.

  • What is download limit per file ?

    If you want downloads without speed limitations join Premium account. There is no limit download limit for the uploaded files and possible to download more than one file at a time if you have a premium account account. When the files expires or deleted, It wont be available for downloading anymore.

  • How fast can I download a file?

    The actual download speed achieved is dependent on the type of your connection to the Internet and traffic using the Internet at any given time.

  • Is it safe to download a file?

    It is always advisable to scan any file you download for viruses, trojans, worms, etc. If you remain unsure, ask the file sender for more details.

  • How many times can a file be downloaded?

    Unlike some other file transfer sites, your file can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. If you use an upgraded direct file link, the file will always be available for instant downloading.

  • Why cant I download from Filesharex?

    If you are unable to download a file a reason will be given, possibly you must check connection to the Internet. If you are connected, you will need to join Premium account to use our service.

  • Can I resume a broken download?

    This feature is not available for free users. You can resume broken downloads if you have a Premium account account using a browser or software that supports this. ou can also use a download accelerator if you wish. Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee resumes of broken downloads, your success depends on the software you are using.

  • Can i upload music or videos?

    Yes. Music and video hosting is permitted as long as you own the copyright on the content and it adheres to the terms and conditions. You can upload any file as long as they are legal. We are very strict about laws so any uploaded file that violates any law or our terms of use will be deleted immediately and your account will be closed without any notification.

  • I lost the download link, what can I do?

    If you are a recipient, ask the sender to provide it to you. If your account has expired, you will need to upload the file again. If you use our email notification system you are less likely to encounter this situation.

  • I share an IP or use a Proxy - can I still download?

    Whether If you share an IP or are connected through a proxy to you have to be a Premium accoun member. Test your connection.